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Asiye TUNÇ

A. TUNÇ, who joined KUKSET with his vision and energy, enabled us to develop as a Non-Profit Organization with experience and honesty. Asiye Tunç is the president of the association and the head teacher of Melahat Kıvanç Kindergarten, one of the schools that has a cooperation agreement with the association. He specializes in child development and holds a master's degree in Educational administration. He is an expert and teacher trainer on New Educational Approach and Web 2.0 Tools. Since 2008, he has been working as a participant, partner and coordinator in 7 different EU projects. The school he works at is a pilot school in STEM. It has completed many STEM-related eTwinning projects and received the STEM-related European Quality Label and qualified as an Etwinning School. He will be responsible for general management.



Experienced, reliable, cheerful. These are just a few of the adjectives our colleagues use to describe this valued member of our team. S.  Ulubeli is a member of the association and the head teacher of İncirliova   Kindergarten. She will be responsible for the contact with local schools and the school she works.She has been active in EU projects since 2003.  She is experienced in projects also local activities.


Cevat AYNA

He has contributed to our organization thanks to his talents based on ten years of experience.
C. AYNA has been working as a Classroom Teacher and New Approaches in Education Trainer and STEM Coordinator in many different schools under the Ministry of National Education since 2003. During his tenure, he gives trainings on Collaborative Learning Methods, Sub-techniques, Innovative Learning Approaches, web 2.0 tools and the use of technology in classroom activities, Flexible Learning Environment Design. He conducts research on flexible learning environments and the effects of these environments on students' academic achievement and attitude levels. He took part as an invited speaker in many national and international congresses at home and abroad on the Happy Learning Classroom Project and the Cat Family, and the creation of Flexible Learning Environments. The most valuable award he received within the scope of his work was the "Head Teacher Atatürk Honor Award".



Erdal Tunç is a member of the association and is an English Language teacher. He is very good in many ICT skills and is responsible for the contact and dissemination in digital media. He is experienced in Erasmus+ projects since he has run and completed successfully many projects before, as participant, partner and coordinator.



Simge AKÖZ has been working as an English teacher since 2000 and EU Projects coordinator since 2008. He has training and experience in project cycle management, budget management and international relations. He has written and directed 11 projects since 2008. He is also interested in TÜBİTAK projects and works on interdisciplinary themes. Besides her teaching profession, she also works as a translator. He has experience in using different ICT tools and especially gamification method in education and works closely with national and international gamification experts.

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