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At KUKSET, we focus on one goal: doing our part to make the world a better place for everyone. The decisions we make are based on extensive empirical studies and high-quality data evaluations. We work with all our strength to establish productive relationships and create a positive impact.


Education, Culture, Art, Sports and Tourism

Our institution is a non-profit, non-governmental organization operating in the field of education. All of our founders are teachers and administrators who work in the education sector, have master's degrees or are experts in their fields, and work in public schools. Our association managers produce many researches, plans, organizations and projects in the field of education, put them into practice in the schools they work in and deliver them to many children and their families at the same time.

The purpose of our association;

  • To support all disadvantaged children and their families who have difficulty accessing education or cannot fully benefit from it, regardless of the reason.

  • To protect the rights of individuals, especially children, in line with Ataturk's principles and reforms, to receive education under equal conditions, to protect the cultural heritage and values of the society, to create awareness that art and sports are one of the lifeblood of the society.

  • To learn innovative and different education models and to support the learning of other teachers in our region, to use our schools as pilot schools and as laboratories in this sense.

  • To act as a locomotive in gaining 21st century skills in our region.

Our association is open to the entire education community and stakeholders. It acts as a bridge between universities and teachers and even students. Local governments, development agencies, etc. It organizes events that bring academics and teachers together with the support of institutions. Participates in panels, conferences, training workshops and workshops. It carries out different projects on education in the local area.


KUKSET is aware that our strength lies not in the ideas we defend, but in our initiatives and actions. In 2000, as a Non-Governmental Organization, we realized that we could overcome our difficulties much more effectively if we worked together, and finally decided to come together under the name KUKSET.

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